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The conference will take place from September 18-20 in the western part of Jutland at the old castle Nr. Vosborg (Northern Vosborg). The history of the castle dates 700 years back and the buildings were totally restored in 2004.

In the Holstebro Municipality, you'll find a rich and unique nature all year round. From the white sandy beaches of the North Sea only 15 km to the west off Nr. Vosborg and to the north and east the soft hills of Limfjorden, nature is open to you. The beautiful and varied landscape spans many different nature types, such as sea and fjord, wood and moor, and the more special ones, such as salt marshes and swamps, fresh meadows and pastures.

The castle is situated at the banks of Storå – a river famous for its very strong stock of Atlantic Salmon. The river enters Nissum Fjord only a few kilometers to the west – with salty meadows and a large number of migrating water birds.

The region is aspiring Geopark and the area around Nissum Fjord is designated as Nature Park.

To the east the area is a mixture of agriculture, open heathland and plantations. Red deer is abundant and mid September is the peak of the roaring season. Furthermore you’ll find flowering heath and  lingonberries – and the only breeding wolf pair is having its den in the large state owned plantations close by. Beavers are present in many of the small streams in the area – but most of you have probably seen both beavers, dams and other beaversigns.

A large international airport at Billund (110 km) and a smaller airport at Karup (58 km), train and bus connections to Holstebro (20 km) or Bækmarksbro (2 km) offers easy access to Nr. Vosborg. Lifts will be arranged from Billund Airport.

For accomodation, please contact Noerre Vosborg by phone (+45 97 48 48 97), press 1 or email: 

Please use reference number 065315 when contacting the staff on Nr. Vosborg.


Nørre Vosborg (Noerre Vosborg/Nr. Vosborg)
Vembvej 35
7570 Vemb
Hotel phone: +45 9748 4897 - Press 1
Hotel email:

If you have any questions, please contact the Organizing Commitee at .

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